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BY Luca Pintori ottobre 19, 2018

Sardinia has a Mediterranean subtropical climate that is perfect for yachting. It has long, dry summers and mild, damp winters with snow only in the higher regions….

Olian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

BY Rebecca maggio 20, 2019

Olian is an extra virgin organic olive oil produced by Graziano Congiu in Oliena, one of the best regions in Sardinia for olive oil. The prize-winning olive…

The Lighthouse

BY Luca Pintori ottobre 19, 2018

This spectacular hotel is located in a fully functioning lighthouse at Capo Spartivento, on the southern tip of Sardinia. After full renovation, Faro Capo Spartivento offers superb…

Nepente di Oliena

BY Rebecca settembre 24, 2018

The winery opened in 1950, as a collective effort of a group of wine producers from Oliena, with the aim of enhancing the famous Cannonau wine. The…


BY Luca Pintori ottobre 19, 2018

There are many ways of exploring the island of Sardinia. One of the best ways is behind the wheel of a beautiful car. Rebecca in Sardinia has…

Gianna Lecca couture

BY Rebecca ottobre 16, 2018

The talented Gianna Lecca is a fashion designer from the town of Isili in Sardinia. She is specialised in the design of wedding dresses, evening dresses and…

Artist Alessandro Tamponi

BY Rebecca luglio 12, 2019

Alessandro Tamponi is a Sardinian artist from Nuoro, a town he describes as being surrounded by mountains, in a region surrounded by sea. An architect by profession,…

Città della Speranza

BY Rebecca novembre 15, 2018

Città della Speranza  The pioneering research foundation, Città della Speranza (City of Hope), is an Institute of Paediatric Research in Padua, Italy. It is the largest paediatric…

Giagoni in Piazza

BY Rebecca novembre 17, 2018

A lovely restaurant in San Pantaleo, with “The beauty of a place which seems to be the painting of a sensitive soul, the scents of the coast,…

Luigi Pomata

BY Rebecca novembre 28, 2018

“A modern restaurant offering a wide range of dishes. This includes fish and seafood (especially tuna from Carloforte, the owner-chef’s home town) and an interesting business lunch…