Kernos Ceramics

Kernos Ceramics is a small family firm that produces artistic, handmade ceramics according to the most ancient Sardinian tradition. Years of experience have led to the business being a reference point for the art of ceramics on the island. The current collection is designed in collaboration with Mara Damiani.

The main workshop is in Cagliari, behind the boutique where a wide assortment of products are on display.

Designs in the Kernos collection are fresh and original, whilst respecting the valuable tradition of ancient ceramic art. Products range from furniture accessories to tableware. Decorative themes include animal motifs and take inspiration from the island culture, including lapwings, flamingos and coral. The colours reflect the beauty of the sea, sun, golden sand and filtered light. Through careful research, the cultural heritage of the island is celebrated and developed to meet contemporary tastes.

Apart from the standard collection, Kernos artisans work with each client to create an exclusive and personalised product, ranging from complete dinner services to lamps, vases, tiles and decorations.