Duo Perfetto

Robert Witt and Clorinda Perfetto are the renowned Duo Perfetto. In the three years since forming, they have won an international chamber music competition, played in over 150 concerts between Italy, France, Germany and Argentina, performed live on national radio and television, and produced four recordings



Rolando Nicolosi: “It is with great pleasure and immense joy that I declare my infinite admiration for the fabulous Duo Perfetto (in word and deed). The magnificent and professional performance, as well as the superb interpretation marked by a phrasing of great expressiveness, have aroused in me an indescribable pathos, recalling the same emotions that I experienced while listening to famous duos. The saying “two bodies, one soul” would, in this case, be an apposite recognition of the musicality, the virtuosity and the emotion expressed by each individual performer in every note being played at the highest level. Shivers down one’s spine as had not been felt for a long time.” 

Rome Dazebanews: “Robert Witt and Clorinda Perfetto – known by the artistic name of Duo Perfetto, resulting from the happy assonance of Clorinda’s surname – with their youth, the sheer applause, are reminiscent of rock stars. The thing that strikes one most when listening to the Duo Perfetto is that their Chopin – in this instance the Sonata in G minor op. 65, and Introduction and Polonaise Brillante in C major op. 3 – vibrates with so personal a touch as to induce surprise. The same applies to Gershwin where, for instance, the ultra famous Summertime possesses an innovative and original charm that words alone fail to convey: you must just listen to it.” 

Italian news agency ANSA: “Ovations and two encore requests marked the Duo Perfetto’s performance at the Teatro Lirico of Cagliari last night. The audience – which was transported along a musical journey that started with the romanticism of Frederick Chopin and threaded its way through the XX Century sonorities of N. Kapustin and George Gershwin – just wouldn’t let them leave the stage!”