Luca Pintori


Sardinia has a Mediterranean subtropical climate that is perfect for yachting. It has long, dry summers and mild, damp winters with snow only in the higher regions. The average temperatures lie between 14° C and 20° C, and temperatures in the summer months rise, particularly in the coastal regions, to approximately 30° C.

Sardinia has almost 1,000 miles of unspoilt coastline, home to hundreds of private coves and beautiful beaches. Water is crystal clear, in every shade from green to blue, giving boats the impression of being suspended on the sea. Dramatic rock formations, natural sculptures and mountains create a spectacular backdrop viewed from a yacht.

Harbours with excellent infrastructures are spread out along the coastline of the island, inviting visitors to discover the uniqueness of each Sardinian town and village along the way. The whole of Sardinia provides outstanding cruising lined with miles of pristine white beaches. North Sardinia is the most popular area, packed with beautiful and diverse anchorages within a short sailing distance of each other.

Rebecca in Sardinia offers a range of vessels, from motor boats, to classic yachts and catamarans, for day charters and more. Guests are picked up from villas or hotels, and taken to explore destinations such as the Costa Smeralda, archipelago of La Maddalena and Corsica, on the northeast coast and the most beautiful coastlines around the island