Sinis peninsula beaches

The marine protected area of Sinis, on the central west coast, is a place of rare beauty and interest. Beaches are wilder, including Is Arutas, with sand made of quartz, Mai Moni and Sa Mesa Longa. There are salt lakes with flamingos and rich birdlife, varieties of wild flowers and orchids. Surfers gather at Capo Mannu, one of the hot spots on the island for the sport, which is also popular for windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. Sinis has areas of great historical and archaeological interest, such as Tharros. The ancient city was founded by the Phoenicians around 800 A.D., then later became a Roman site. The seafront town of Cabras has a big lagoon and fishermen’s huts, handwoven baskets and the recently discovered Giants of Monte Prama. The hamlet of San Salvatore di Sinis was used in the 1960s as an on location setting for Sergio Leone.