Teatro Necessario

Three extraordinary talents, Leonardo Adorni, Jacopo Maria Bianchini and Alessandro Mori, actors, musicians, acrobats, comedians, entertainers and clowns. A radical unhinging of the confines between theatre and circus disciplines. A prize-winning theatre company that causes cross-generational rapture. 

Teatro Necessario is euphoric entertainment and catharsis. Once experienced, never forgotten. 

If we consider that the clown is hidden in our unconscious – when we make fool of ourselves in the street, when we wrangle over each other, when we are in love, every funny aspect of every person, everything bans seriousness – I think everyone has it. It’s a matter of deciding if we want to use it, if we want to make a life out of it as professionals. This makes a big difference, and here resides the difficulty. Gilles Defacque