Gianna Lecca couture

The talented Gianna Lecca is a designer from the town of Isili in Sardinia. She is specialised in the design of wedding dresses, evening dresses and ceremonial wear for women.
Gianna started working as a tailor at 13 years of age, setting up her own dressmaker’s in the 1960s. Qualifying in Rome to teach the art, she also passes her knowledge on to aspiring tailors and designers.
Gianna is the symbiosis between past and present. She has developed a technique of weaving copper into her bodice designs. Copper work is an ancient tradition in her village. Gianna invented a system that combines the metal into her work by weaving it into the fabric on the loom.
Women come from across Sardinia and Europe to be dressed by Gianna. She has a talent for creating beauty and making special occasions even more memorable. Gianna uses bold and intense colours with ruffles and pleats, sculpted bodices and flowing silks. Her creations are elaborated for each customer, to enhance their inner and outer beauty.
Gianna’s boutique is in Isili, an hour’s drive north of Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia