Olian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olian is an extra virgin organic olive oil produced by Graziano Congiu in Oliena, one of the best regions in Sardinia for olive oil. The prize-winning olive oil is processed with rigorously high standards and distributed directly to the customer.

Olian is produced from a careful selection of olives from two cultivars in Oliena, Bosana and Nera di Oliena.

The olives are taken to the mill and processed within 12 hours after collection, with a cold extraction system.

The excellence of the product is a combination of ideal climatic conditions and the scrupulous dedication of Graziano Congiu, at the heart of the production.

The name Olian comes from an ancient document of 1342, when the town of Oliena was called Olian. Over time, its name has always been connected to the most important product of the land.

The light blue tone used in the label is always to be found in the historic houses, embroideries and local costumes of Oliena, recalling the deep rooted farming tradition of the area