Pink’s Sarongs

Pink Harrison’s art is motivated by her joyous appreciation of places, people and extraordinary moments. This inspiration is shared anew in a series of diaphanous sarongs. Her seeking of subject matter often takes her to paint in the beautiful Mediterranean light and be inspired by the weft and weaves found in the tapestry of nature. These images have now been printed on floaty fabrics that complement the delicate brushwork in her watercolours.

Langoustine…….colours of the soft Sardinian sand and sea and the warmth of the sun

Butterflies, bees and poppies…, land and sea collide in nature’s vibrant colours

There is something about the beaches in Sardinia, unlike anywhere else I know. The inspiration is with me long after I leave this magical place. With the jewel colours of the sea in all its nuances, I especially love the feel of softness of the sand between my toes, some of it tinged with the pink of the tiniest quartz fragments – it’s so sensuous.

I like to think the softness of my sarongs as they move with the sea breeze and brush against the skin enhance this feeling of freedom