Smeralda seafood specialties

Mullet roe, sea urchin pulp and cuttlefish ink are among the most prestigious foods of the Sardinian culinary tradition, especially in the coastal areas.

Mullet Bottarga, for a long time also known as Caviar of the Mediterranean, is obtained from the salting and seasoning of mullet eggs. Thanks to its enveloping and decisive flavour, it is used in appetisers in combination with vegetables or as a condiment for first and second courses.

Sea Urchin Pulp, with its bright yellow-orange colour and delicate consistency, distinctly recalls the taste of the sea: it has always been tasted on warm bread or as a condiment for first courses.

Cuttlefish Ink, with its deep colour and creaminess, is often used in the preparation of first courses or in the doughs of pasta and leavened products.

Since 1988, in Cagliari, Smeralda has selected and transformed the gifts of the sea, preserving their identity and history, without the use of preservatives.

Today, research and dedication are poured into recounting the essence of the island’s food and wine tradition