Out of office in Sardinia

Inspired remote working – where it’s beautiful, sunny and serene

Landscape of the gulf of Capo Caccia, Alghero, at sunset

The limitless blue September skies over the abundant vistas around Sardinia delight the eyes and invigorate the mind. Crystal blue clarity above is complemented on the hillsides by the shades and tones of this most beautiful of months, which locals say is the best time to stay on the island. It’s also enlivening for the spirit, with sea breezes calling from a coastline where artful Mediterranean sunsets dim softly into tranquil nights. Now we are freer than ever to choose our workplace, realise limitless blue sky thinking for your business by renting one of Sardinia’s luxury villas, fully furnished, or fully catered, entirely for you, your partner and your family. The added benefit of out-of-season rates makes longer more luxurious stays a very tempting possibility for September and beyond.

Capo Coda Cavallo One
CapoCodaCavalloOne 005

A carefully selected environment renews our minds; airless offices under grey skies are challenging places for ideas to be born and thrive. Moreover, the life we work for is richer when cultural discoveries, unexpected joys and new encounters replace routines and schedules.

C CODA CAV 1 001

Remote working means a warm poolside can be the place you determine ideas, host a brainstorming, or greet a partner with an evening aperitivo before savouring a specialty dish made by a Sardinian chef from a recipe shared between generations.

A range of architectural styles, each perfectly achieved, becomes a new hotdesk area, top-level conference room or design studio. If traditional forms are your spur, a family villa completed with Sardinian woodcraft and furnishings becomes a place for vibrant concepts to breathe.

portisco one 127
portisco one 011

Minimalist and contemporary design, sought after for hi-tech and start-up businesses is abundant, with many fine examples to select from across the island. Each has a pool, outside dining, a tiled or manicured path beckoning you down to verdant shorelines, private beaches, or perhaps a powerboat moored for your new commute.

portisco one 001
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Rebecca Lewis Lalatta did not know that her first visit to Sardinia over 25 years ago would become a lifelong residency. Now, she invites you to share the joys of her chosen wonderland with her deep knowledge of the island’s culture, food, wine, and a delightful list of secluded beauty spots. Her boundless enthusiasm to assist you is rooted in her own memories as a first-time visitor from England, combined with experiences and discoveries accrued over the years. Having raised a family on the island, and now well-known and well-respected, her knowledge and network is the strength of her business. Rebecca is the paramount Sardinia holiday specialist with an exclusive collection of opulent properties to be rented and can arrange whatever your whim; from supercars, to yachts for your use. An engaging aficionado of Sardinia, and fluent in Italian, Rebecca lives according to her passions for the island and delights in encouraging her clients to develop a similar desire to remain on this Blue Zone region for as long as possible, and perhaps like her, forever..